Ebay is addictive..

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Now onto the post..
I have been buying so many clothes and things etc. One I started making money from my old clothes, I couldn't resist splurging! Heres a few things I bought..


Very casual check shirt for summer, would look awesome teamed with brogues and high waist shorts.It's also long enough to just wear with leggings and is very versatile and boyish. Best part is they were £2.20 off ebay


I saw Sam from dailyfashionboost with this dress and fell in love, and after months of looking for one on ebay, I FINALLY found one, which was expensive, but I couldn't resist the floral print, it's quite sheer so i'd have to wear a slip underneath. But it's genuinely love <3 £30.00 off ebay


Again, this is one of those thing's perfect for summer! Perfect with brogues and high waist shorts, it's a size 18 and very baggy. The floral print is just really lovely and it's very light as it's a blouse. Very granny chic! £1.04 off ebay


I fell in love with this bag, it's big enough for my schoolwork AND it's a satchel! I'm not a fan of handbags and this was brand new and totally cheap at 99p off ebay!!!!


Another one I saw on sams blog (totally in love with her FYI) and also Hanah my gorgeous friend from london rose has this so I knew i wanted it for quite a while. And now I finally had the money! Again it was expensive, the weird thing for me was that the person selling it was from my city HA how weird is that? £30.00 off ebay

Some cheapo aviators and a flower clip (I realise now it looks like the flower is part of the plant haha it's not!), two things that would look AWESOME for the summer! I have a feeling this is going to be my staple look. Curly hair with a flower in and sunglasses = sorted! £1.75 and £2.50 off ebay

Theres a few other things I've ordered that haven't come yet, but I will keep you updated. Besides the dresses, everything was very cheap. I'm being very weird at the moment, I'm spending alot on certain things and very little on others. Strange. I am 5 away from 300 followers and am a very very happy girl right now. And as you all know (cause I mention it every freaking post) I am off to london monday and I think I'm going to wear the lace dress with my cuckoo clock necklace amongst various other bits and bobs. Thoughts?
Love you all, beautiful peopleeee!


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